Life After Liver Transplant

Today, a maximum number of people go through liver transplant surgery which provides a better quality of life to them. Liver transplantation is the complex procedure that requires high intensive care to the patient. Sometimes, after transplantation patients require ventilators for breathing. Apart from this doctors also prescribe some antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and a healthy diet to recover. The recovery procedure quite long but if the transplantation occurs successfully then it will definitely change your lifestyle. If the patient gets discharge then doctors give them detailed instructions about post-surgery care for fast recovery. Recovery at home takes longer time about three to six months to get back to their normal life.


Changes In Lifestyle

Liver transplantation is the wonderful invention done by medical sciences and after 40 years liver transplant in India gets the advantages of this invention. There is the continued growth of liver transplant in this country to provide better health benefits to the patients.

Complications after surgery may lead to certain diseases, infection, and graft rejection. Graft rejection is the most common phenomena of the body after the surgery. So that, doctors prescribe so many immunodepressants medications that suppress the immunity and prevent the rejection of new healthy liver. Initially, after the surgery graft rejection remains to occur till three months. To balance your immune system it’s your responsibility to boost health and maintain the hygienic conditions to eliminate the infection due to decreases in immunity. You should wash your hands, avoid eating raw foods, avoid to touch an infected person and take flu vaccines in the early stage of flu.

Patients are more prone to certain diseases such as coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. After the operation, they need regular checkups including the blood tests to examine the adequate working of the new liver. Patients have the higher risk of bone fracture because of chronic liver diseases, poor nutrition or long-term use of steroids. So regular checkups are necessary to examine the functioning of the liver.

Physician strictly instructs patients to avoid smoking, tobacco, and alcohol and eat healthy food. High blood sugar, weight gain, and cholesterol should be avoided. The patient should get the proper nutrition that helps in proper functioning. He should avoid eating raw food or undercooked food like meat and eggs. Proper handling and proper storage of food also help to maintain your good health.

Exercises help a lot to maintain the health and to recover fast. Exercises immediately after operation may cause a problem but after few months it will helpful for you. People who want to come in their sexual life they have to wait for about six to eight weeks because of stress in the abdominal muscles after this they can resume their sexual activities. Always advised using latex condoms or any other precautions because they have a higher risk of transmitted diseases. Doctors always recommend avoiding pregnancy for one year after transplantation. Being pregnant in the first year may cause certain complications and there will be the highest medication doses. After transplantation travelling to far may also cause the problem to the patients.

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